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The exhibition record breaker this year is Russia


The regular trade show Upakovka/UpakItalia 2014 has been opened in the expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya. Project Manager Svetlana Kleyman is giving an account of what visitors will see at the exhibition this year.

Upakovka/Upak Italia 2014 will be held for the twenty-second time. Over the time of the exhibition’s existence we have witnessed major changes in life and the industry. How are these changes reflected in the exhibits on display?

Throughout its existence the Upakovka/UpakItalia has also undergone substantial transformation. An interesting trend may be observed in 2014 – subsequent to setting up representative offices in the Russian Federation many overseas exhibitors have delegated decision making on participation in exhibitions and other organisational issues to their Russian rep offices.

Consequently in preparation for the 2014 exhibition our Moscow office we have been able to communicate with a larger number of foreign companies.

Thereby we have managed to understand their needs and improve some of the services that will be useful to the exhibition participants.

Which is the distinctive feature of this year’s exhibition and where does the event continuity lie?

I would like to note that alongside changes to the exhibition over the long period it has been held, continuity is also of importance to us; this will be once again demonstrated this year owing to the presence of national pavilions representing German, Italian and French companies. According to tradition these pavilions will occupy a larger area of the exposition. This may be called good continuity.

What can you say of this year’s Upakovka/UpakItalia statistics?

The statistics for 2014 look traditionally stable. Similar to the previous years, there is a slight competition over the number of participants between Germany, Italy and Russia. There were years when Germany led the way, last year it was Italy, but in 2014 our record breaker is Russia.

For the first time ever Russian companies will be represented by 85 exhibitors. There will be 69 companies from Italy and 61 from Germany participating.

The Upakovka/UpakItalia exhibition is held in Moscow on a yearly basis. Do you think it is not too frequent? As is known, major international trade shows are held every two – three if not four years. Over this period the industry has time to become mature for the exhibition whereas the manufactures can offer interesting surprises in terms of new technologies and machinery.

As organisers of the major packaging exhibition in Europe, i.e. Interpack, we are well aware that the industry’s milestone events, particularly machinery manufacturing exhibitions shall be held at an interval of two – three years.

But the Russian market dictates other terms, and once you miss just one year, a clone exhibition with a similar subject and name will immediately pop up.

And we would rather not lose the valuable experience gained over the years of hard work.

Last year Upakovka/UpakItalia laid emphasis on the SaveFood initiative launched by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and Messe Düsseldorf. How is this project progressing now? Which will be the emphasis of this year’s exposition?

The main novelty in 2014 is a new thematic area. I would like to make a pointed reference to the establishment of a specialist section, the World of packaging materials, to be tried out for the first time in 2014. The idea behind this section does not just lie in the provision of innovative equipment to experts engaged in the areas using packaging machinery, but likewise assistance in related services, such as selecting packaging materials, finished packaging and ideas for any product’s future design and branding thereof. Thereby the ‘food miles’ concept will be implemented at the exhibition. Turning up at the exhibition with a particular product the specialist will not just be able to have it packed but also carry out preceding and subsequent operations completing the technological chain.

In connection therewith the specialist World of packaging materials section show room will be positioned at the start of Pavilion 2 wherein Upakovka/UpakItalia is traditionally held. From here across the street visitors will be able to get into Pavilion 3 to be first opened for Interplastica – 2014 presenting polymer packaging and raw materials. Meaning that the World of packaging materials will symbolise a link between the two exhibitions and take a more flexible approach to the contemporary market requirements.

What in the forthcoming event’s business programme is worth visitors’ attention? What in your opinion will attract the greatest interest of the exhibition visitors?

The business programme will be traditionally interesting and reflecting the market needs to the full extent.

I would like to particularly note reports on subjects like non-food packaging and customs regulation peculiarities under WTO conditions.

What trends in the packaging industry of Europe and Russia can you see as an organiser of a trade exhibition? What significant changes have taken place over the past year?

The packaging industry in Europe and Russia is changing fast; there is a visible trend towards active integration.

What changes await the industry in the future? We will see at the exhibition and will ask the specialists!

Автор:   Oleg Savin, Head of information department

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