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Thereof Kévin Cénes-Tartaglione, Sales Representative and Guy Pacheco, Sales Agent of the French Seriplast AT Packaging in Russia are convinced about it. Seriplast AT Packaging develops and produces quality packaging for cosmetics. Unipack.Rru offers to the readers an interview with the representatives of the French company.

Will you please give a brief account of your company?

K. T. Seriplast has been created in 1965. The founders were spouses: André and Danielle Tartaglione. It all started with packaging decoration by silk screening. After some time Mr Tartaglione decided to start packaging production as such. Upon acquiring a small plastic injection moulding machine, the company went into production of own goods. This was in 1985.

Years passed and the production gradually developed. The management invested funds in an offset printing machine. Offset is a very interesting technology. Compared with serigraphy where e.g. four different colours had to be applied to one and the same bottle in four steps, offset equipment allows five-colour printing on a product in one go. A big plus for productivity!

All we have now is owing to decoration, injection moulding and innovations. Not long ago, our company has started producing very innovative cosmetics packaging with only two main components, the body and the pump. The body and nearly all pump parts were made by plastic injection moulding. This is followed by assembly.

In 2008 the company started producing transparent plastic ampoules completely reproducing their glass analogues. This product is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Glass is a very fragile material. We made this ampoule of plastic, it is not so fragile. What is most interesting is that just exactly as the glass ampoule it can be broken before using the contents e.g. as a medicine dropper.

So this is a very brief overview of Seriplast.

Which category of companies does Seriplast come under, small, medium or large?

K. T. Do you mean the company size? We operate worldwide, but of course we are not a multinational corporation. Seriplast is a medium-sized business employing around 150 persons. We have three production units. One of those is engaged in packaging decoration. Here operates the silk-screening equipment. The company has been doing this since the time of foundation thereof in 1965. I must say that our printing quality is excellent. Seriplast has managed to amass a wealth of experience over all those years.

G. P. I wish to add that in cosmetic market, Seriplast is thought of as one the best, at least in France if not in the whole of Europe. The quality of its product is world-famous. We are not alone in asserting this, many industry experts also speak thereof.

K. T. We operate automatic screen printing machines. We have made a four-colour screen printing machine. I must emphasise that this machine has been manufactured by Seriplast and is unique. We make our own silk screen printing machines, assembly and packing equipment. Seriplast is a genuinely self-sufficient company independent of any suppliers. Only metallization is outsourced. We do all the rest ourselves. As we said earlier, the company’s success is based upon the quality of plastic injection moulding as well as printing.

At present the company strives to produce more various packaging options at the same time reducing the quantity of the material used to produce it. Nowadays, speaking of Seriplast what we have in mind is a creative approach in packaging development, innovations, quality injection moulding and decoration.

All these innovations go through our design department wherein the new product design and a 3-D model thereof are created and wherein manufacturing parameters are assessed. Subsequent to the design development a trial model is moulded using our equipment. By the way, Seriplast has a large mechanical workshop single-handedly manufacturing own injection moulds. The moulded product is presented to the customer. This allows for the required swiftness of the recent development market launch.

Swiftness is our main advantage. For instance, design development takes one week, then producing the instrument and accessories take another two weeks and next the trial model is moulded. Altogether it is just five weeks that pass from the product idea to the completed product sample. In Europe there are not so many companies that are able to work with a similar speed. In large corporations to produce a newly-designed product one needs the director’s approval, then the financial department’s approval and many other approvals both vertical and horizontal passing through many decision levels. Thus, a year or two are likely to pass before the new product is at last released to the market. It is different on our end. There was an instance when a new product design was developed over one night and three days later the trial sample was already presented to a major customer. I must say without false modesty that the company has gained the reputation of being an innovative business making high-quality products.

G. P. Seriplast controls the whole production chain; all is done within the company, obviously apart from filling the package with the final product, i.e. package design development, mould making, product moulding and decoration.

K. T. For instance, here is a product under Cobra trademark. Why exactly Cobra? Because its shape bears a resemblance to this snake. Take note of the printing quality. Here we may notice that the surface is embossed. Hot foil stamping. However, as a rule traditional hot foil printing has no relief. How to achieve such effect felt at a touch is Seriplast’s secret.

The new product is very interesting. This is a dispensing monoblock bottle made up of two components, the bottle and the bottom. The traditional bottle with a dispenser consists of 10-13 components. This product looks like an ordinary bottle with a dispenser, but there is no dispenser as such there. All components are made by polymer injection moulding.

The monoblock is supplied with a submerged tube and an actuator. The Cobra bottle’s distinctive feature is the bottle, the actuator and the tube being made simultaneously in the course of one injection cycle and constituting a whole.

Here we are talking of the latest technology. The actuator with a tube attached to the bottle internal wall just below the outlet opening ensures 99% usage of the cosmetic product. You will not lose a single gram of cream or lotion. Moreover, you will not have to pay for the dispensing pump that the bottle simply does not have. If the bottle is tilted down the beauty product may be used to the very last drop.

When closed, regardless of the cap position it ensures air-tightness of the outlet.

Owing to the bi-injection technology the bottle and the thermostatic polymer actuator may be made in different colours.

Among our company’s innovative products you can see a bottle separately storing two different components. The beauty product is actually made up by the user mixing both components. The consumer may store the bottle like this for a year, two or three years. To use the product, e.g. cream, one just needs to separate the tamper-evident tear strip and press the bottle below. Both active components stored in different compartments mix. There is nothing left to do but thoroughly shake the bottle and the product can be used. This is great because the consumer feels involved in creating quality cosmetics.

Who are your customers?

G. P. We can say that among our clients are practically all major cosmetics companies in France, such as L’Oréal, Dior and Chanel.

K. T. This is not hard. I think I’d be right to say that all greats in French cosmetics one way or the other are among our clients.

At present the world is facing an economic recession, does the situation affect your business?

G. P. I must say that the luxury range production is very little affected by the crisis. On the contrary, production volumes of this class are growing. Here the economic situation is not very important. The crisis does not touch upon leading brands of this segment.

Apart from France, which countries do you view as prospective markets?

K. T. We are represented in twenty countries in the world, including fifteen European countries. Our numerous sales representatives are working practically in all continents. Packaging is present everywhere, which means a market for our products. One needs to have attractive prices, commercial policies, quality products. All that will give our packaging a good chance in any market. After all the packaging we have can be found with Seriplast only.

G. P. In my opinion, Russia is very promising to us. As far as I am familiar with the Russian market, there is a good demand for cosmetics here. It is great and is constantly growing. The market is rapidly developing. Besides, the demand for quality is increasing in your country. Indeed, European and particularly French (I am talking of ready-made cosmetics) products are in great demand with the Russian customers. All brands are present, nothing is lacking, there is no shortage of any product here.

I personally have a special attitude to Russia. Now I am engaged in Seriplast business development in this country and think that the company may achieve a lot on the Russian market. The Russians value good quality and Seriplast is capable of providing it in terms of packaging, decoration and service. On our end it just cannot happen that any service may be available in Europe, but not in Russia. Our whole service is at the Russians’ disposal. By the way, we offer special prices to your country. In Russia we are exclusively represented by Unipack Centre.

What are your impressions of Moscow, the city and the people?

G. P. I have been working in Russia for six years already. Not only in the field of packaging but other lines of business as well. I have managed to visit many parts of your country. Not only during numerous business trips but also for holidays several times a year.

As far as Moscow is concerned, I see myself practically as a Muscovite.

K. T. Yes, Moscow is a great city. There are very many people; it is clearly a large business hub. And a very beautiful city.

G. P. What is interesting is that Moscow is literally permeated with history. I am interested in the Russian history, particularly the periods from the first tsars to Nicholas II, as well as modern history and its communist past. I am confident that Russia is a truly great country, worthy of a better position in the world than it has now. Yes, your country already plays an important part in the modern world, but this part may be even more significant.

Do you find the business with the Russian partners and clients particularly specific?

G. P. Here everything has a specific character! Specifics are determined by the country’s culture, therefore each country is unique. There are things here that are lacking in France and vice versa. If one accepts the country’s culture, there will be no problems in the business.

Interview by Mikhail Briedis

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